Destiny’s Warriors: The Black Shadow of Death Volume 4

Enjoying fantasy, magic and myth, we wanted to take this book down a different
path than the previous books. In real life, the hero does not always win or make
the best choice. Moreover, everyone has an evil streak for the most part
suppressed. Going into our “what if” mode we were curious to see the extent of
the dark side, of the most loyal, honorable and wisest character. In addition, we
became curious as to the ancestors of our characters and dipped into their
history to wreak havoc on their present time.

This tale is a fantasy/adventure filled with unexpected plot twists, betrayal, lust,
insanity and deceit and even time travel. We spiced this wild adventure with
slavery and gladiator competitions all surrounded by the evilest of magic and the
shadow of death.

R.M. Putnam & M.W. Valadez

    Chelinda pleaded with him. “I am left in the dark again, Tristen. What did you see
    in the future realm that gives you such obsessive purpose?”

    Tristen shook his head at the visions that came to him. “Knowledge of what will
    come to pass is far more dangerous than you can understand. I crossed the
    Bridge of Ages to see what knowledge lay in store and what I found was limitless
    evil, a world crafted by greed and darkness. A system designed to collapse and
    plunge the people into chaos; assembly lines of death crafted by an oligarchy, so
    that brave young ones could fall by the millions for no other reason than to give the
    elite more power. The fate of the realm of man and every realm rests with me. I
    have been entrusted with the future, whether my family appreciates it or not,”
    explained Tristen.

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Pages 596
Size: 6.14 X 9.21 inches

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    The Curse detached from its tentacles once again, as the hooded
    shadow appeared eerie standing in front of the roots of an upturned
    tree. No face emerged from under the hood, only blackness as it said,
    “Did you think you could defeat your own weakness and fear? You
    cannot slay your ego, it has become more powerful than your magic.
    Once I have rid time and space of you, and your wretched clan, I will
    enter the world unhampered. I am cursed by the endless task of
    slaying all of you, and I yearn to be free.”
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