Destiny's Warriors The Beginning
    by R.M. Putnam
    Co-Writer, Cover Art and illustrations by Michael W. Valadez

    The first in a series. Each novel is a cross of genres to include, science fiction, thriller,
    horror, action and adventure. Something for everyone and each book though a saga, stands
    on its own.

    Destiny's Warriors The Beginning by R.M. Putnam is an epic fantasy tale submersing its
    readers in a world of might, magic, mystery and myth. Passions run high in this grand
    literary opus. In Destiny's Warriors The Beginning, the reader is privy to a world where
    Gods demand bloody human sacrifices and mortal man is forced to appease the powers
    that rule over them. It is a world where lovers fall victim to their lust and mighty heroes
    face unspeakable terrors created by jealousy and the obsession of power. All of this is set
    against the backdrop of an ancient prophesy foretelling of great and terrifying events that
    will change the world of Gods and mortal men forever.

    A tale of betrayal, murderous plots, rivalry and forbidden love as guided by the hand of
    Destiny. What results is an exhilarating journey into the dark Underworld whereupon the
    heroes face the Lord of Evil and his co-conspirators. Destiny's Warriors The Beginning
    inspires its readers to empathize with the characters while they try to survive in an ancient,
    harsh world of magic, horrific monsters and the brutality of war.       
    (2nd book in the series - Destiny's Warriors The Last Sacrifice

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6.14 x 9.21 Paperback
Pages: 464

ISBN # 978-1453694527

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    Excerpted from Destiny's Warriors The Beginning by R.M. Putnam. Copyright ©
    2011 All rights reserved.

              While the crowd’s attention was focused on the sacrificial ritual taking place
    before them on the altar, Shovar could no longer hold his disguise. Anouxia’s potion and
    magic were strong, but not stronger than his lust for quickening.

              Receiving the quickening, Shovar transformed himself.  In full view of the Celts, he
    manifested his identity as Lord of Death.  Streams of light flashed between the victim on
    the altar and Shovar. Druids knelt in fear before the now transformed white skinned,
    hooded figure, The Lord of Death.  Shovar’s body quaked with ecstasy as the power of the
    sacrificial quickening entered him. His piercing silver eyes glowed with energy. Shovar
    turned to the crowd in drunken revelry; pointing his finger reminding them all that he held
    the power of death over them, taking whom he would, young or old, when he would and
    where he would.

             The now sober crowd, fell upon their faces in submission to the Lord of Death wailing
    and pleading to be spared. Shovar laughed cruelly reminding them of the bravery and
    courage one little maiden possessed as compared with the spinelessness of the cursed
    cowards pleading before him.

            He scolded them saying, “Worthless swine! You cringe at death. None of you are
    brave enough to save your own lives in battle, yet you sacrifice a young maiden hoping to
    spare yourselves a poor harvest. You are to be pitied, cowards! I will come for each of you
    in my own good time. Remember that!”

           With this, the Lord of Death vanished into the night of the forest. His words hung like
    clanging bells in the air. No one moved, fearing he might return. The mood changed from
    celebration to somber fear which gripped each man’s heart with hoops of cold steel.     

    From the Author, R.M. Putnam

    I took great pleasure in writing Destiny's Warriors. Celt myth and the wonderment of
    Pagan gods sent me on a journey that took 17 years to write the first 3 books in the
    series. The brutality of human sacrifice to appease the gods is a part of history that
    is horrific. And, the idea of Gods having to deal with the same emotional issues as
    mortal man was fascinating for me to create. This wonderful journey into mystical
    realms guided me to continue the saga. I tell of enchanted warriors, mystical
    creatures and monsters such as Crimson Death and Banshees. The struggle to
    survive, heartache, betrayal and rivalry are what my characters have to face in this
    fantasy. You'll cry, cringe in fear and feel in awe at the romance as you read my tale.

    I hope you enjoy reading my Destiny's Warriors series:
    #1 Destiny's Warriors the beginning
    #2 The Last Sacrifice
    #3 Pure Evil
    #4 The Black Shadow of Death
    #5 Son's of the Defending Ruler

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