Michael W. Valadez
Destiny's Warriors Series

This page is all about Michael, his interests,
photos, illustrations and books.

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Michael's interests in weapons are
second to none.

Within Destiny's Warriors The Last
Sacrifice Michael added a weapons
glossary, fully illustrated for your
reading pleasure.
An adventurer, Michael loves to explore the wonders of
nature from deserts sands, to rain forests, mountains and
the splendor of majestic beaches
He enjoys wildlife, birds and  the
study of paleontology and sociology. He spent 2 years in the
Netherlands studying art and exploring Europe.

Michael is 39 years old (Birthday- Sept. 19) and lives in the Pacific
Northwest with his wife Nicole.

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A lighthearted look at the world of Dinosaurs beautifully
illustrated to delight the heart of children of all ages.
Raptors, Antarctic Dinosaurs to Argentinean dinosaurs,
parents will enjoy sharing this delightful book with their

Michael W. Valadez a Dinosaur enthusiast since
Kindergarten has enjoyed the study of Paleontology having
learned the difficult names when he was only five years old.
His interests in nature both prehistoric and present day
guide him in his illustrations and storytelling.

Toonasaurs is the first of many books to come as Michael
continues using nature and its wonders to delight children.
Destiny's Warriors Series
Michael W. Valadez is the illustrator in addition to
being the co-writer.

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Summit of Mt. St. Helens
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