The Path to Darkness
Thirteen Tales of the Macabre
Written by R.M. Putnam

    The Path to Darkness will thrill you, scare you and surprise you at the
    end of each story. Read about Serial Killers, Zombies, Madness,
    Voodoo Curses, Evil and the Paranormal.

    Curl up in a chair on a rainy day… when the sky is dark and a
    downpour crashes against the earth.  You will shiver in fear and hear
    noises that crack and creak… are you really alone? Is there a ghost
    looking over your shoulder or maybe a Zombie or serial killer lurking at
    your window?  Come into my world of terror for a dark journey through
    the macabre.

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ISBN# 9781478353041
286 pages

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Pages 362

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    Voodoo Doughnut 3 Tales of the Macabre by R.M. Putnam

    Magic and mayhem cross paths with customers of Voodoo Doughnut. Serial killers, thieves and serious magic
    will have you transfixed as you turn each page.

    In Portland, Oregon, you can find billboards, signs and car stickers with the slogan “Keep Portland Weird” that is
    what R.M. Putnam found at Voodoo Doughnut, truly a unique place to buy pastry. The staff and the customers are
    fun, free spirits in their manner of dress and style. As R.M. Putnam sat and enjoyed the tasty Voodoo Doughnut,
    she observed the surroundings as images of potential stories came to her.

    R.M. Putnam immediately made contact with the manger wanting permission to use their store as the bases of the
    horror stories that were now taking shape in her mind. Sara Heise (manger) made an appointment for R.M.
    Putnam to meet with the owners Tres Shannon and Kenneth “Cat Daddy” Pogson. The project went into high gear
    complete with a photo shoot of the store and the owners in costume. R.M. Putnam used the photos as a base for
    two of the stories. What resulted was three tales of the macabre for your reading pleasure.

    Voodoo Doughnut Locations:
        1501 NE Davis Portland, OR
    22 SW Avenue Portland, OR
    20 East Broadway @ Willamette Ave. Eugene, OR
    1520 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO

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ISBN # 978 1518858949
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ISBN# 978 151188755489

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