Destiny’s Warriors Pure Evil the third book in the series, is a tale of betrayal
    and abduction forced by the Lord of Greed. A trek through ancient Persia to
    rescue loved ones are met with peril at every turn. The heroes encounter
    slavery, thieving murderous nomads and treacherous terrain as they make
    their way to Hades then home to the Underworld.

    An effort to start anew fails when the Cannibalistic Baalites of Altair make
    war with murderous vengeful hearts once again. Magic, myth and mayhem
    of colossal proportions makes this fantasy-adventure cross genres with
    pure horror.

    Will the Baalites take down Hades and the Underworld? Are the
    descendants of the Great Samhain doomed? Madness takes the mind of
    man and god as atrocities makes blood run cold. Pure Evil is a story like no
    other, a war like no other as the heroes face horror like no other.
    (Contains adult subject matter and violence)

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Pure Evil

Intended for adults due to the graphic violence
and adult subject matter
This time fantasy, horror and brutality like no other touch our characters.
The bloodiest horror to come to these mystical realms!
Scroll down to meet some of the characters
and read excerpts.

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