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           I took great pleasure in writing my Destiny's Warriors series. Celtic myth and the wonderment of
    Pagan culture, sent me on a curiosity voyage, to learn about many cultures and folklore, within
    Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

           The brutality of human sacrifice to appease the gods is a part of history that is horrific. And, the
    idea of Gods having to deal with the same emotional issues as mortal man was fascinating for me to
    create. This wonderful journey into mystical realms guided me to continue and finish the saga. I tell
    about enchanted warriors, mystical creatures, heartache, betrayal and rivalry. You'll cry, cringe in
    fear, and feel in awe at the romance as you read my tale. I hope you enjoy reading Destiny's Warriors.

    May a Rainbow be your guide down destiny's path.
                         R. M. Putnam

About R.M. Putnam:
I am 66 years old.
Born on November 14, 1954

I live in the Pacific Northwest and enjoy traveling,
writing, and independent study in subjects such as: history, mythology, sociology, and

My favorite things to do are watching science fiction,
action, and horror movies, going out to restaurants, and photography.

    The beginnings of a story, for me, pop up in the most unlikely places. I see or hear
    something and then go into my, "What if" mode.  But as for writing fantasy, that was a
    complete accident because my first love was Science Fiction.

    I went back to college when I was 39 years old. That first semester, sitting in my history
    class, the instructor assigned us to write a paper on an American Holiday, it's origin and so
    forth. Well, it was the first week of October so of course I thought of Halloween. Off to the
    library I went to do research and there I became mesmerized in ancient history, mythology
    and folklore.

    My research took a few weeks as my study into history opened up to Pre-Christan times,
    back to Paganism where Halloween started. As I read the information in awe, Celtic history
    and folklore sent me on my "What If" mode.

    The paper I finally turned in went from fact to fiction. My instructor gave me a C- a passing
    grade for all the work and effort I put into the paper but he told me Halloween is NOT an
    American Holiday. Moreover, since I went from fact to fiction I was lucky to still get a
    passing grade. The instructor explained, I should have written about Thanksgiving, or
    Independence day etc. I was disappointed with the grade until he told me that he loved my
    paper and that I should complete the story for publication. That was all the encouragement
    I needed as I embarked into writing my fantasy novel that grew into a series over the
    following twenty years.

    Obsessed with my story building fermenting in my mind, every free moment became
    dedicated to writing. I was never without my note book. I wrote my story out long hand
    during fifteen minutes breaks at work and during my lunch hour. Often I’d wake up in the
    middle of the night with an idea and quickly took to writing in my note book.
    Fearing failure, embarrassment and not wanting to be laughed at for pursuing a dream
    that might never come true, I became a closet writer, keeping my literary ambitions a
    secret from everyone I knew, except my sons. It took many years of  dedication, proof
    rereading, revision after revision but I made the dream come true.

    My message to aspiring writers is: You can succeed if you persevere and not let obstacles
    or rejection affect you. It might take a while but you can do it.

    Never did I imagine I would write fantasy but there you have it. You never know when a
    story is about to be born or where it will take you and that is the wonderment and joy of
    being a writer.

    ~R.M. Putnam       

Thank you for visiting my website and wanting to know something about me and my interests.

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Having worked as a
kindergarten and
pre-school teacher of
course R.M. Putnam takes
an interest in Juvenile
Fiction too.

"I like the idea of a gentle
grandfather, that finds
happiness in telling the
local children stories.
I created Mr. Pembry. He
tells stories of fantasy
and adventure that teach
morals, respect and
proper behavior."
Destiny's Warriors is the creation of R.M. Putnam. Her study into mythology, history and myth
guided her to create the plot, characters and the continuing saga.  

Michael W. Valadez is  the illustrator and co-writer. His intensive study of the martial arts and
interests in battle strategy and swordsmanship quickened the story with a sense of realism. In
addition,  he also contributed to research and character building.
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    Although Destiny's Warriors is R.M. Putnam's literary passion, she dabbles in stories of
    the Macabre. Stories based in the 21st Century. "I write about an Apocalypse, Serial
    Killers, the Paranormal, Voodoo and the terror of insanity."