The Last Sacrifice

Intended for adults due to the intense violence
and adult subject matter.
This time fantasy crosses over to horror!
The bloodiest horror to come to these mystical realms!
Scroll down to meet some of the characters
and read excerpts.

Will evil magic, revenge and murder result in the Last Sacrifice or
will the Dreaded Lord of Blood fulfil the prophecy?
    Destiny's Warriors: The Last Sacrifice 2nd in the Series.
    By R.M. Putnam
    Cover Art and Illustrated by Michael W. Valadez

           Great, deep love and bliss grow here with The Last Sacrifice, as do the hatred
    and venom of souls lost and betrayed. The way they entangle and intertwine
    throughout the novel is fascinating, and karmic lessons abound. The men and
    women in this sequel to Destiny’s Warriors The Beginning are beautiful and
    enchanting. Yet, there are those who are utterly horrifying with their evil magic
    and inhuman ways. The Lord of Blood and his people, hunts down men, women
    and children, for the slaughter to feed their cannibalistic society. The dreaded
    Baalites from the realm of Altair take delight in torture and perverse cravings!
           This epic tale of retribution, battles of will and affairs of the heart is to be
    devoured and at the same time savored as you travel from realm to realm within
    its pages.

    About the author:
           R.M. Putnam a student of mythology and folklore ventures into a bit of horror
    with the telling of The Last Sacrifice. Her study into vampirism, cannibalism and
    bondage brought her to create the dreaded Baalites of Altair. A society of flesh-
    eating vampires who have a sadistic, perverted disregard for human life.
          Continuing with the Destiny’s Warrior’s saga, her knowledge of Roman, Angle
    and Saxon tribes bring her to the take-over of Ireland. In collaboration with Michael
    W. Valadez, she creates fictional battle-scenes rich with graphic description. Her
    story is woven with emotion, love and a savagery unlike any other.

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    Chapter 3 -Excerpt

           Saba’s words echoed in her thoughts, before he steals your virtue, perfume
    yourself with this potion. It will send him into deep sleep. Only then can you finish

           Donait glanced at the small bottle on the table but Swayzie’s sweet caresses caused her to betray
    Saba’s command. Donait would do nothing to spoil this very beautiful moment.

          Swayzie treated her as a lover. He did not steal her virtue, she gave it to him. She had no idea that
    lovemaking could be so splendid. Suddenly, she felt as if she mattered, as if she was a worthwhile person
    . . . This powerful Chieftain cared about her and desired her. At long last, Donait knew what if felt like to be

          Just before dawn, she fell asleep in Swayzie's arms. He held her as if to protect her.

          Swayzie’s guilt and shame felt overwhelming as he thought, She was an
    innocent and I spoiled her.  If a married man had done this to one of my daughters,
    I would kill him.  What can I do now? I cannot marry her while Iris lives.  Somehow, I still must take care of
    her.  She said she has no family; she is all alone in the world. I can’t help feeling that she is precious, a
    delicate young lady that I want to love and spend every night holding in my arms. She will be mine; I will put
    her up in a cottage and spend what time I can with her. Iris will be dead soon, then Donait will be my wife.
    Swayzie lay his head upon hers and fell asleep.

          At dawn, when Donait woke, she turned and saw Swayzie in a sleep of exhaustion sprawled on the
    bed.  She nervously looked at Swayzie and then at the travel bag. Donait quietly got up and opened the
    small sack that held the horn. She walked over to the bed, her hand trembling with fear as a moment of
    doubt overwhelmed her. She wanted to run away and let him live. Or, maybe they could run away together
    and live happily ever after.  I could live happily with this fine man. He’s so charming and handsome.  For a
    moment, he was no
    longer a mission or a conquest, he was the man she gave her innocence too. He romanced her in ways
    she could never have dreamed about. She liked how he whispered sweet nothings to her. Saba came to
    her mind and she knew she could not betray her mother. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she bent down
    and kissed Swayzie on the forehead tenderly considering if she should go through with her dastardly
    deed or not.

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           The old man replied with a raspy voice, “They call me Murtagh, my Lord and I am at
    your service. I saw all that happened  . . . my son pushed me into the grain-house for
    my protection. I am the only survivor . . . I have lost everyone that mattered to me . . .  
    I lost everything . . . ”

          Calum nodded. “Murtagh  . . . due to all the devastation and the dead in Oppida, I
    ordered what remained burned to the ground. Sir, you can stay here within the castle
    grounds. You look too old for heavy work. Therefore, I’ll have you see to the upkeep
    of the library, in exchange for room and board. Now, tell me everything.”

          Murtagh took a deep breath, “Thank you, my lord  . . . I have no family left and
    nowhere to go.”

          Murtagh cleared his throat then continued, “IT, I call him IT because
    although he looks like a man . . .  he acted more like a beast . . .  a thing of evil . . .  IT
    killed everyone! The women and children! It didn’t just kill, but he bled them like . . . a
    bat . . . like a blood sucking bat! The Lord of Blood  . . . is lower than a beast. He is a
    thing, not man nor animal. He didn’t want a fight or war. When the people tried to fight
    him, I heard him say that he was only on a hunt. My Lord, he made such a statement
    as if the people were nothing more than rabbits or game birds. As you can imagine,
    chaos resulted…women and children screaming as they ran for escape. The men all
    took to arms but my Lord  . . . it was if they were in fact rabbit! Game for the kill! The
    Lord of Blood and his warriors appeared to take delight in killing and raping as if it
    were nothing more than sport! Near the door where I was hiding I heard these evil
    warriors in conversation. I found out that they are from a realm called Altair where the
    God of Blood rules. The Lord of Blood is his son and they simply hunt humans to feed
    upon, they want no war  . . . My Lord, we are cattle to them! Then, I heard more voices
    but I could not understand their tongue. They spoke a language foreign to me.”

          “Do you know where Altair is  . . . the entrance?” asked Calum.

          Murtagh shook his head. “I have no idea, my Lord.”

          “Tell us what the Lord of Blood looks like?” asked Finn.

          “I only saw the back of him from where I was hiding. I cannot describe him only
    that he appears to be a man dressed in layered robes, his head draped and he rode a
    fine stallion.  Nevertheless, he can be no man.  He is a demon!”

          Finn handed Murtagh a horn of mead, taking notice the old man looked shaken to
    retell the event of the fall of his home and family. Calum then ordered a servant to
    see to it that they gave Murtagh comfortable quarters.

          Finn looked to Fiacha in worry. Calum asked, “What is it, Finn?”

          Finn explained, “Gwyd told me once that the God of Blood and his clan, are long
    time enemies of Samhain. He told me that the Great Samhain cursed the entrance to
    Altair, to protect humans and mystical creatures alike from the blood- thirsty

          Beltene nodded, “Yes, my father told me all about it. But the Lord of Blood never
    knew the Great Samhain. It’s the God of Blood that was the enemy  . . . the Lord of
    Blood had not been born yet as I understand it.”

           Fiacha stood up, pacing as he explained, “In the family records  . . . I have read
    that the Great Samhain and the God of Blood had once been close friends but had a
    serious falling out over the faeries. Apparently, the God of Blood wanted to feed upon
    the faeries and Samhain refused to tell him how to gain entry into the Otherworld.
    Samhain felt he could not win a war against the Altairians so he simply cursed the
    entryway to Altair so they couldn’t leave.”

          Overwhelmed with worry, Calum said, “I fear what we might be up against if the
    Great Samhain felt he could not fight this enemy. The Lord of Blood does not want
    war but I cannot allow him to hunt my people down.”

The Dreaded
Cannibalistic Baalites
of Altair.

A savage society that feed on human flesh.  
Addicted to the Blood Lust, they are an enemy that has never been beat.

Led by the Lord of Blood, the Baalites go on hunts for humans.
Guided by their sadistic perversions they brutalize man, woman
and child...  Atrocities beyond the imagination bring down mighty
warriors as they become little more than pets or meat for the slaughter...
Will all be lost?
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