Book #4
                                Destiny's Warriors
    The Black Shadow of Death

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    R.M. Putnam and M. W. Valadez enjoy writing about fantasy, magic and myth for mature readers. They wanted to take
    this book down a different path from the previous books.

    In real life, the hero does not always win or make the best choice. Moreover, everyone has an evil streak, for the most
    part suppressed. R.M. Putnam went into her “what if ” mode and joined in collaboration with M.W. Valadez. Both felt
    curious to see the dark side of the most loyal, honorable and the wisest character. In addition, they became curious as to
    the ancestors of Destiny’s Warriors’ characters, bringing conflict from the past to the story’s present.  

    This tale is a Fantasy/Science Fiction adventure filled with unexpected plot twists, betrayal, lust, insanity and deceit,
    spiced with slavery and gladiator competitions, all surrounded by the evilest of magic and the shadow of death.

Destiny's Warrior's Website
is based on a fantasy series about ancient Irish people.
Ancient Celtic  History and Mythology are the threads I used for
weaving this Fantasy story. A mix of fantasy, horror, mystery, adventure and
romance for your reading pleasure.

This is not a religious site nor are we encouraging any kind of worship
of any kind of religion.  Destiny's Warriors is a FICTIONAL tale.

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Book #4 The Black Shadow of Death

R.M. Putnam Author
Michael W. Valadez Illustrator/author
John J. Valadez Author/Illustrator

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