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is based on a Dark Fantasy series.
Ancient Celtic History, Folklore and Mythology are the threads I used for
weaving this Fantasy story. A mix of fantasy, horror, mystery, adventure and
romance for your reading pleasure.

This is not a religious site nor are we encouraging any kind of worship
of any kind of religion.  Destiny's Warriors is a FICTIONAL tale.

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Book #1 The Beginning
Book #2 The Last Sacrifice
Book #3 Pure Evil
Book #4 The Black Shadow of Death

R.M. Putnam Author
Michael W. Valadez Illustrator/author
Joining our writing team - John J. Valadez Writer/Illustrator

R.M. Putnam
P.O. Box 1245
Fairview, OR 97024

Dark Fantasy (Adult Subject Matter & Violence),
Horror Stories, Thrillers and Juvenile Fiction

Juvenile Fiction

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Coming Fall of 2019
The 5th installment in the
Destiny's Warriors Series

Son's of the Defending Ruler
by R.M. Putnam

Murder, mayhem, and deceit
followed by a forbidden quest, while
magic of the strongest kind takes the

Will be available in Paperback and  
on Kindle.

Check back for release date

    Son's of the Defending Ruler Synopsis:

    This 5th installment in the Destiny’s Warriors series, gives the readers a deep look into the trials and
    tribulations, of the descendants of the Great Samhain, and their extended family, the MacCumhals (McCools).
    What appears to be a time of peace for the community; free from foreign threats, the clan turns against each
    other. The newest family member creates division by way of a cult-like manipulation, putting the MacCumhals
    on the defensive. A family feud brings about war; blood against blood as they cross swords. The losing side,
    relocates to another realm and builds a compound, whereupon, they fall under the spell of their narcissistic cult

    Starting anew, each side on their own path, Lugh (Loo) MacCumhal embarks on his greatest quest which takes
    him to faraway lands. Lost in Egypt, Lugh’s band adapts for survival’s sake as they make unorthodox choices.
    Through it all, the sorcerer’s thirst for knowledge takes them on an exploration through eastern Europe, China,
    and India, in hopes of learning all they can about the powers of magic. New characters bring about intrigue and
    mystery as well as murder and mayhem. A story of family dysfunction, and enduring the very nature of